The Jackson Morgan Horse Ranch

by Brenda Tippin

The 1870s were a time of prosperity and change in America. Montana was still a territory, a rough and unsettled frontier that challenged the most fearless and daring of the early pioneers who sought to move westward

The Morgans of the Miles City, MT Livestock Station

by Richard L. Trower

Nearly three decades ago the author shared his research with this magazine in a six-part article. Here he reprises this information on a little-known piece of Morgan breeding history.

The Morgan’s Role Out West – Vaquero Heritage Days 2012

by Brenda Tippin

Stories of cowboys and the old west have always captivated Americans with their romance. The California vaquero was, in fact, America’s first cowboy and the Morgan horse was the first American breed regularly used by many of these early vaqueros.

The Morgan – Quarter Horse Connection

Headlight Morgan & Richard Sellman

by Gail Perlee

Growing up horse crazy in Vermont, I couldn’t help knowing about the Morgan horse and its history. I had always heard that the Morgan was the oldest American breed, and that it was a factor in the formation of other breeds, including the Standardbred, American Saddlebred, Tennessee Walker and Quarter Horse.

The History of the Morgan Horse in California

by Laura Stillwell Algranti

California, the golden state of opportunity where fads and trends often begin. A state of ocean, rich agricultural land, mountains, deserts – and Morgan horses. California has more Morgans and Morgan owners than any other state. How did the Morgan come to California and become so

History Lesson – Justin Morgan, Fact & Fiction

Justin Morgan sketch

by Brenda Tippin

Myths abound about the progenitor of our breed. In this amazing piece of research the author sifts through history to paint compelling portraits of Justin Morgan, man and horse.