Updated 1/29/2019.

Morgan Stock Horse Association


Mission statement:

We have formed an association of Morgan stock horse breeders, to educate and promote to folks who are not aware of the Morgan breed outside of the Morgan community.  Our aim is to promote the Morgan's aptitude for stock work, ranch horse, Cowboy and Western dressage, trail pleasure, packing, vaquero horsemanship and Mounted Cowboy Shooting uses. The purpose of this website is to also help the buyer find breeders that have ranch stock for sale and stallions available for breeding service on the "Farm Directory" page.  We welcome all registered Morgan bloodlines.

Also, this website will post articles giving history, information and photos documenting the impressive history of America’s oldest horse breed founded in 1789 and it's long stock horse history.


The Morgan horse, has long been used for ranch and vaquero tasks many years before other American breeds and registries were formed. The Morgan baroque top line lends itself to fitting the ideal image for vaquero horsemanship, making it preferred as one of the original horse breeds for this spade bit use in the United States. The Morgan bloodlines are found in the foundation of most all of the American stock horse breeds, including the Quarter Horse; due to its favored qualities.  Is it any wonder the Morgan was the first original Cowboy Dressage horse and also toured with the Royal Lipizzans during their first US and Canadian tour?  Ray Hunt's first cowboy job was working for Roland Hill on the TS Ranch in Nevada, using Morgans exclusively.

The U.S. Government Morgan Farm in Vermont (1904-1950) selected it's breeding stock from individuals that were tested for ability to complete their 100 mile/day endurance ride.  This Morgan breeding stock was then used for the cavalry and the many remount stations throughout the U.S.  Standing Morgan stallions were available to the general public and used by many ranches.


What separates the Morgan from the other breeds?

The goal of the Morgan Stock Horse breeder, is to selectively breed for its unique confirmation, beauty and type, not found in any other breed.  Substance with refinement.  It is not bred for a limited single specialized performance use or color.  The Morgan is known for it's stylish appearance and energetic carriage, allowing it to move like a balanced, proud, high quality saddle horse and not a low headed draft work horse with a heavy harness conformation.  This makes the Morgan a classic, all around, versatile, general purpose horse with emphasis on maintaining high quality and endurance, valued by all knowledgeable horsemen.  A horse that you will take extra pride in owning.

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