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Updated:  4/8/2019


Articles, from the archives:  

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History Lesson:  Justin Morgan, Fact and Fiction.  by Brenda Tippin


History of the Morgan Horse in California (and Nevada), by Laura Stillwell Algranti

The Morgan-Quarter Horse Connection, by Gail Perlee


The Morgan's Role Out West, Vaquero Heritage Days 2012, by Brenda Tippin


The Morgans of the Miles City, MT Livestock Station, by Richard Trower


The Jackson Morgan Horse Ranch, by Brenda Tippin


Dick Sellman and His Morgans, by A. Hartung, The Western Horseman Nov. 1950


Mountain Packing with Morgan Horses, by Jo Johnson


Mortana Pat, A Nearly Forgotten Legacy, by Brenda Tippin


Sturdy Under Saddle, October 2014 Western Horseman


The Morgan Horse, April 1949.  300 mile race results.


Ray Hunt working on the TS Ranch for Roland Hill, Western Horseman Jan. 2005


The Morgan as a Stock Horse, by Dean Jackson, Western Horseman January 1958.

Pictures from the past:


Roland Hill, up.

Bob Dickie, up on Flyhawk.

Parade on tour 1964 with the Lippizzans.

Warhawk, holding a cow on a rope, waiting for the camera.

Ranch Morgan stallions chariot racing, Ramul Dvarishkis.